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Our XE-2100 differential analyser is a great example of why we are global leaders in haematology. Its fluorescence flow cytometry analysis technology delivers accuracy and precision never achieved before. Because it's extremely fast, processing up to 150 samples per hour, you can deliver results more quickly and greatly enhance the productivity of your lab. That’s good news for patients, and good for your bottom line.

The accuracy and clinical utility of our instruments are renowned around the world. The XE-2100 is the first analyser with a standard 5-part differential plus NRBC count. High-quality standard parameters for red blood cells make it easier to detect and screen anaemia. And hydrodynamic focusing in the RBC/PLT channel delivers a red blood cell parameter profile and haematocrit values in line with the reference methods. This level of accuracy and versatility opens doors for more powerful clinical utility and better patient support.

Technical Specifications

fluorescence flow cytometry: WBC DIFF, IG, NRBC, RET, IRF, PLT-O

DC sheath flow: RBC, HCT, PLT

RF/DC method: HPC

cyanide-free SLS method: HGB

Diagnostic parameters


NEUT (%, #), LYMPH (%, #), MONO (%, #), EO (%, #), BASO (%, #),

NRBC (%, #), RDW-SD, RDW-CV, MPV, P-LCR, PDW, PCT, RET (%, #),


research parameter: OTHER (%, #)

Optional parameters HPC, RET-He, IPF

WBC differential channel scattergram

WBC/BASO channel scattergram

NRBC channel scattergram

IMI channel scattergram

RET channel scattergram

PLT-O scattergram


stand-alone: 150 samples/h (max.) auto mode

twin configuration: 300 samples/h (max.) auto mode

Sample volume

130 μL/200 μL (open/closed mode)

40 μL for capillary mode

Data storage

10,000 samples incl. graphics

5,000 patients/1,000 orders

Quality control

20 QC files, 300 data points

1 XbarM file

optional: daily external QC IQAS Online


LIS, line printer (serial)

graphic printer (parallel)

network (gigabit Ethernet)

SUIT (Sysmex Universal Interface)

USB, memory drive

Options XE-RET Master, XE-IPF Master and XE-HPC Master

stand-alone (PIM), twin (TCM),

or module of Sysmex automation concepts


w x h x d [mm]/[kg]

706 x 711 x 535/81 (main unit)

706 x 711 x 912/93 (main unit incl. sampler)

195 x 333 x 395/16 (pneumatic unit)

315 x 75 x 335/6 (IPU: information-processing unit)


Sysmex Norway NUF

Hvamsvingen 24

2013 Skjetten


+47 63840160

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