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Our Mission

Healthcare’s objectives have never changed – improving people’s health. This cannot be said for the role and responsibility of healthcare suppliers and providers. Increasing competition, transparency and advancing technology are changing the way we work and have to look at the markets in which we operate.  We take our leading role in our areas of expertise very seriously and over the decades have shifted from product-driven to broad, holistic solutions. These solutions are often both modular and scalable so that they can be tailored to specific labs and clinicians and therefore meet real needs.  


Shaping the advancement of healthcare in Europe

Our mission statement is clear-cut and is best described in the acronym C.A.R.E…

Continuing to supply top quality services and products

Applying medical/disease concepts that are evidence-based and of direct use for clinician

Reducing overall case and operating expenses

Enhancing patient health by detecting disease predisposition, onset and progression and treatment efficacy.

Applying knowledge and experience, and great science. Delivering solutions that really help in real situations. Optimising workflows for greater efficiency and joy at work. Structured, evidence-based medical concepts. These are just some of our passions.

The Sysmex Way

Mission, value and mind come together to form the way we work, think and act.

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Our leadership commitment

The Sysmex Way prescribes and demands clear commitment from our leadership.

Committed to good leadership

Brand and logo

Our logo represents the Sysmex Way, our heritage and our roots.

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