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Scientific Calendar October 2019

How can non-palpable lesions in early-stage cancer patients be accurately targeted and removed?

Non-palpable lesions never have to be removed

The lesion can be marked with Magseed® magnetic markers and localised with the Sentimag® probe

Upon incision, the lesion can be identified visually without further support


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Scientific background

Due to improvements in screening and patient awareness, approximately 50% of breast lesions are impalpable at the time of diagnosis. The current gold standard to assist the surgeon in finding an impalpable lesion is a hook wire, or guidewire. These are usually placed on the morning of surgery. Wire-guided localisations (WGL) have been used since the 1960s and have several limitations, including migration of the wire, scheduling conflicts and patient dissatisfaction.

Magseed® has been specifically developed to overcome these issues. It promotes seamless operating room (OR) scheduling, highly accurate lesion localisation and high patient satisfaction.

Our system consists of the Sentimag® probe and the Magseed® magnetic marker. Before surgery, the marker is deployed under ultrasound or X-ray guidance. It is firmly implanted without any parts protruding from the skin, thereby improving comfort for the patient and minimising migration and infection risk. In the OR, the surgeon uses Sentimag® to precisely localise the Magseed® and therefore the tumour. 

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